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The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club celebrated it's 56th Annual Reunion  in Auburn, Indiana. This year also marks the 75th Anniversary of the 810 Cord. The Iconic American Classic's popularity is probably stronger today than it was 75 years ago. Front Wheel Drive, Unit-Body Construction, No Running Boards, Hidden Radiator, Disappearing Headlights  and a Gordon Buehrig Styled body were just a few of the Modern if not Futuristic Styling and Mechanical features of the 1936 and 1937 Cords.  Many of the these Cord features would not be seen on other cars for decades. Earlier this year invitations went out to owners of 1936 / 1937 810 and 812 Cords to participate in the “Back Home Again to Indiana” Convoy. This all Cord touring event was coordinated by Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club Members Bob Coleman and Josh Malks,  The tour was designed to be able to leave from Any Place USA and join the Back Home Again Convoy at designated meeting points. Participating Cords all arrived at this years Reunion together. Members of Gordon Buehrig's family, his wife Kay and their daughter Barbara rode as Grand Marshals in Saturdays Parade of Classics through downtown Auburn

The original Cord was the 1929  L29. The L29 was offered thru 1932. This was America's 1st Front Wheel Drive Automobile

Considered Cord Cousins are the 1940 Graham Hollywoods. They were produced using the original 1936 / 1937 Cord body dies

Another distance relative to  Cord is the Bill Mitchell designed 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado. Note the Wheels, Grill, Hidden Headlights...

Owners of "Hollywood" Grahams were invited Guest at this years Reunion because of their Cord Heritage. Graham Automobile Company was still struggling after the Great Depression. They needed a New Car but was too strapped for cash to design and build one. After Cord's closed its doors in 1937 the 810 / 812 body dies were sold at auction. They eventually came to be owned by Hupp (Hupmobile). Hupp's newly acquired dies (from the windshield back) were used to build the Hupmobile "Skylark". Graham, in order to save money that they did not have, contracted with Hupp to use the same dies to build the New Car that they so desperately needed, The Graham "Hollywood" was born. The Hollywood was built on the same assembly line as the Skylark. Both cars used conventional running gear, not Front Wheel Drive. There were many stampings required to create the bodies for these two new cars, the expense was still too great for both Hupp and Graham. Not many cars were built before production of both cars ceased. Rumors has it that the dies were sold off and eventually made their way to Nissan in the 1960's. They are still believed to exist in an unknown location. Where is Indiana Jones when you need him... Perhaps Nissan will someday build a 80 mpg Hybrid Cord

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