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New Zealand
Vintage Racer

SOLD! For Sale 1929 Auburn straight eight (small) Racing Car. This car has recently undergone an extensive major restoration.

Originally a four door sedan, it was converted into a racer in New Zealand in 1960 and for the next 12 years raced in standing quarters, hill climbs and grass track meetings with considerable success. Often it was awarded Fastest Time of the Day or Fastest Local Car.

When converted the chassis was cut in half, the rear section turned upside down with the springs and differential on top. The chassis was shortened 18 inches and the motor and gearbox lowered to improve cornering ability. All 1929 running gear was used except the two front shock absorbers were brand new British made. The Lycoming motor was bored out to 40 thous. and alloy pistons fitted.

Under restoration the car was stripped down to the last bolt and parts overhauled. Some componentry was imported from America. The body was reclad in alloy and painted in two pot 'Ferrari Red' paint and baked. A set of Michelin tires was imported. The motor was extensively worked, new Egge pistons imported, the crankshaft ground, all 13 journals renewed in whitemetal and a camshaft regrind company put the cam profiles through their computer which recommended a grind to improve performance and lessen fuel consumption without making it lumpy. New parts such as timing chain were fitted. This motor would easily accept a supercharger to improve performances and racing times. It has a hidden 'modern' oil filter and is fitted with an electric fuel pump. A new radiator core ensures excellent cooling. The car has twin seats as per 1929 Indianapolis requirements, plus twin harness racing seat belts.

At an historic race meeting it did 5 demonstration laps to a standing ovation from the marshals and spectators alike, and was featured on two separate television news programmes. As a WOW car, it has received considerable newspaper and motoring magazine coverage.

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