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Duesenberg II For Sale

Here we have what has to be - according to the factory records - one of the still missi
ng Duesenberg II dual cowl phaeton bodies, built by Elite Heritage Motors in Wisconsin. All but 2 have been accounted for, and I was able to purchase this one together with the other missing one. They were sitting for over 25 years in a barn in upstate N.Y. together with another Duesenberg II, one of the 5 built Murphy roadsters and a SSJ short wheel base bodied roadster. I had been chasing these cars for 23 years ever since I spoke to the - now passed - father of the sons I now was finally able to purchase all those cars from ! Talk about patience.. Although there's no supporting paperwork other than a bill of sale , according to the sons , their father bought those cars a long time ago together with the Murphy roadster and there were Duesenberg II wire wheels in the car with the Heritage logo on it, and one can clearly see the body is identical to the other dual cowls built, plus the distinctive Duesenberg brass / chrome grille and windshield hardware etc. is something one cannot easily reproduce. Given the fact that these 2 Dual cowls were sitting together with the Murphy Roadster, the SSJ and plenty other interesting cars for such a long time, it is my professional opinion that it is safe to assume these ARE the two Duesenberg II bodies that were unaccounted for until now.

A start was made a long time ago to assemble these 2 cars and then for no apparent reason the work was stopped. ( the other one we recently sold and it's being restored right now ) So , what you see is what you get; a rare chance to finish one of these great 30's era's cars. Duesenberg II's are fetching very strong money lately, and the original cars are - as they always were - unattainable for a " regular guy " since they are now several million dollars. So here we are; please realize the great potential of what this car can bring when finished. A great project with a big reward in the end ! A rare opportunity to purchase a Duesenberg II for a very reasonable price, with lots of $$$ left on the table for you, so you can spend money on the restoration, and STILL COME OUT AHEAD when finished ! Driving wise and investment wise this will give you great satisfaction for sure ! Now here's the BEST part: only $45,000 will buy this great car ! Yes , that's right ! ONLY $45 K !!! THIS IS THE ONLY DUESENBERG II ON THE PLANET FOR RESTORATION FOR SALE AT THIS RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICE ! Please CALL me for more info, as I'm on the road most of the time chasing Classic Cars, thanks! Car to be sold on a bill of sale only.
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