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The term "Dream Cars" was coined by General Motors in 1953 to describe their Conceptual Styling and Engineering Cars that challenged the Status Quo. Dreams Cars were never intended to be production cars. They resulted from experimenting with Cutting Edge Engineering and Styling. Harley Earls Buick Y-Job is considered the 1st Dream Car. Unfortunately it was not part of the Indianapolis Museum of Art's Dream Car" exhibit. This Special Exhibit runs May 3rd - August 23rd 2015. Seventeen vehicles from the 1930's through the 21st Century that pushed the limits of  the Imagination are beautifully displayed in a 2nd floor Galley of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Featured are both American and European manufacturers. The exhibit is presented by the Eli Lilly Company and the Ed Martin Automotive Group

The 1955 Chrysler "Streamline X Gilda" was designed by Giovanni Savonuzzi and Chryslers own Virgil Exner. Like so many of the Dream Cars of that era, it was Inspired by Jet Aircrafts. Designers of these Beautiful Over the Top Cars were constantly experimenting with styling and it's influence on the aerodynamics. The Gilda not just a Static Show Car. It was capable of 140 MPH

Harley Earls 1951 Buick Le Sabre (shown below) has always been "My Dream Car". Harley Earl was General Motors first Design Chief. Many of his designs ended up for use as his personal vehicle (strictly for testing purposes I'm sure). The Le Sabre was originally built for exhibit at the GM Motorama. Motoramas were Elaborate Car Shows organized by General Motors as a way to showcase their products. A total of 8 Motorama Shows took place between 1949-1961. Just as soon as Time Travel is perfected I will be attending all 8 shows

Another favorite Motorama Buick, the 1956 Buick Centurion XP-301. Again created under the direction of GM's Harley Earl

1959 Cadillac XP-74 Cyclone - This was Harley Earls last "Dream Car". From the Glass Canopy Top, After Burner styled Exhaust and the Dagmar capped Sweeping Front Fenders it is still very apparent that the fascination with the Jet Age was still very apparent. Harley Earl retired before the Cyclone was completed. It was finished under GM's new Head of Design, Bill Mitchell. It made it's debut at the 1959 Daytona 500. The Cyclone never was displayed in any of the Motorama's

The Norman Timbs Special

Designed and built by Norman Timbs in 1947. The Timbs Special consist of a hand made Aluminum Body over a Wood Skeletal Structure. The Cockpit is without Doors while the Tail Section opens hydraulically. It is Powered by a Dual Carbureted Buick Straight 8

This is the 1936 Scout Scarab. It was produced by the Stout Motor Car Company. It was designed by Aviation Pioneer William Stout. This is One of One produced. The Scarab was the precursor to today's Mini-Van with convertible seating and a passenger seat that rotated. The Art Deco trim alone makes this a Dream Car Classic

Designer and Engineer Gordon Buehrig, of Auburn Automobile Company fame, developed the design for the 1948 TASCO (TASCO meaning The American Sportscar Company). The '53 Motorama Corvette is always credited with it's use of Fiberglass body parts. The 1948 TASCO used Fiberglass for the front fenders and they would steer with the wheels. Mr. Buehrig held the patent for the removable T-Tops used on the TASCO. They are very similar to those re-introduced 20 years later on the 1968 Corvette... so similar that I believe Gordon Buehrig would later receive some patent infringement Monies from the General

Edsel Ford and his Model 40 1934 Special Speedster - The Special Speedster was designed by Edsel Ford and Eugene Gregorie. It's unprecedented low stance and long proportions is said to have inspired the 1935 Miller-Ford Indianapolis 500 Racing Cars

 Indianapolis Museum of Art - June 2015 "Dream Cars"

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