AUBURN       "Celebrating 50 plus Years of Glenn Prays Model 866 Auburn Speedster"

Not all of the Cars that belong to the Heritage Collection are LOW Mileage Originals but Many of them are. Some of these cars were pulled from the assembly lines when New. New Old Stock (NOS) Parts are always a Welcome Find  but a NOS Car  - That is Really a Find!

1911 Oldsmobile Limited

The Oldsmobile Limited is one of Largest Automobiles ever built in America. This is the Roadster Touring Car model. This was the Top of Line Oldsmobile at that time. It rolls on 42" Wheels and cost $5,000 - $7,000 dollars in 1911. Less that 700 cars were produced. GM has owned this car since the 1930's. The Heritage Center values the Car at a Million Dollars

The GM Heritage Center - Sterling Heights, Michigan

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